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Please contact us with your specific requests, and we will prepare a free estimate.
Want pockets to hold stuff you'd rather not pile up in the sink? Shown on the back wall of an Escape 21.

Pocket is  3x3  x 10 3/4, overall 14 1/2 by 4 mounting flange. VHB tape mount. $16 plus shipping from Oregon. 

Aftermarket stove - the rack wanders when traveling
Off-the shelf maple cutting board you add.
Cover sized to fit your stove screwed down to cutting board.
Add your cutting board to our stove-top cover and have a serving tray you can take to the outdoors.

Priced $30-$35 (depends on size and shape) plus shipping from Oregon
This one has a backside, some don't
Radius on the corners for head banging....
Mounts to the bottom of your cabinet with 3M VHB tape
Need a night time stash for your book, glasses or remote control?  

$20- $ 25 depending on design, plus shipping from Oregon

Closet Door Pockets!

Any size, shape - for magazines, odds & ends. Add a hole for wifeys' giant hair brush handle! Screw or tape on and cover those ugly wire rack holes.

                $20 - $25 plus shipping from Oregon

Laser machined for crystal clear edges and a perfect fit. Prevents bumping the buttons and accidently turning off the fridge! $12.50 plus shipping from Oregon 

If sent alone shipping is $5.00 by USPS
Bath Wall Pockets
Stove cover for cutting board 
Seamless Soap Dish for any flat wall with drain holes in corners. $15 plus shipping.
Any width dividers for overhead cabinets. Bookend "L"s by cutting in half. Escape style shown, contoured to outside wall. $20 - 11 inches or less, $23 - 12 inches or more. 

Satellite receiver box holder for under the overhead cabinet. Larger units (with recorders) can weigh up to 12 pounds, so they may need to be riveted to the overhead rear cabinets. Can also be configured to hold a CPAP machine

Price $30 - $35 plus shipping from Oregon
Tired of jumbled junk drawers? Use a topper to reclaim the important stuff. Fits drawers with either 12 or 8.4 inches wide inside dimensions, half inch lips. Escape 21 nightstand or kitchen drawers, plus kitchen drawers on the 5 TA. $20 plus shipping from Oregon
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U-shaped loose dividers for wheel well cabinets,sized to your specs. I velcro-taped mine in place - Escape shown, $15 each
Crystal clear cut edges due to laser cutting the plastic.
Clear 3M VHB tape under the red liners
Protective liner on face side peels away.
View through the guard with liners removed from the clear tape
Fridge Button Guard for Dometic RM2454 (Casita / Escape) or RM2554 (Oliver /Escape) fridge
Bath or Wall Pockets
Magazine Style Pocket

3 inches front to back with a bottom that measures 10 1/2 inches wide by up to 8 inches tall. Matches the General Purpose Cubby .

​Useful as a new tall pocket for shampoo, etc or  to replace the wire baskets with a bigger one you can put where you want it. $23 plus shipping.

VERY useful for the dead-end Escape cabinets; slide it out sideways to access the stuff you've lost back there....
Drawers? Shoe  boxes? Closet drawers? Under-bed drawers? 
With or without sleds and dividers. Priced per inch of length. Usually 12 wide by 10 high up to 36 inches long - Email your dimensions.               1/8th inch ABS with reinforced corners.
Casita closet shelf template files!

The printouts are full size paper templates you can transfer to poster board or cardboard for final fitting to the curves of your Casita. Designed for the remodeled bath/closet design started in 2013, they can be cut down for earlier Casitas as the shell is the same. This will NOT fit perfectly; they are a tad oversized as no two Casitas are exactly the same.
They are, however, a good starting point for a 4-shelf system with a hatch in the bottom shelf. 

They can be printed full size at any print shop that has a 36 inch wide printer (Kinko/Fedex) and the cost will be about $25 to print the full set. Each shelf can be printed individually as well. Table stack style with 12-14 inch legs, and nothing needs to be screwed into the Casita body.

The full set is 15MB of data.  Price is $15, (payable only if they make your task easier) - pics below.

Bottom shelf w/hatch closed
Bottom shelf with hatch open
2nd shelf from bottom just below vent
Top half shelf on 3rd full shelf from bottom
I don't sell the plastic shelving system shown inside this 2006 closet. Casita remodeled the bath/closet area in 2013 and all the dimensions changed. However, the full-sized shelving patterns for later Casitas can easily be trimmed back to fit the older design as the shell remained the same.