RV Widget Works

RV Widget Works
13310 NW Bishop Road
Hillsboro, OR 97124
ph: 503-702-4443
How to tell us the size / shape of what you want
We can build pretty much anything you can think of that is less than 96 inches (plastic comes in 4 x 8 ft sheets. Now and then we turn down zany requests, like a plexiglass cage for under the overhead cabinet so someone can travel with their pet snakes. Also declined a parrot cage..........

Email a drawing or sketch if possible, otherwise describe dimensions in an email for simple shapes.

The easiest way is to trace what you want in the pocket to describe length and width, then tell us how thick it is. Next tell us how long (top to bottom) the pocket needs to be to contain whatever you want it to hold. Don't forget to include the case if you have one!

Add a two inch line next to the sketch so we get the scale right when we print your email.

You can also just give us width (across the pocket), length (how long the pocket needs to be) and depth (distance from the pocket to whatever you are mounting it on.) Allow an extra inch on each side of the cavity for the "wings" for attaching mounting tape!

Call 503-702-4443 if you need more help or have any questions.
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