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RV Widget Works
13310 NW Bishop Road
Hillsboro, OR 97124
ph: 503-702-4443
Can't find EXACTLY what you're looking for? Let us make a custom widget for you!
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Don't want to make screw holes in your rig? We can fabricate shelves, holders, guards, or whatever by machining or vacuum forming the perfect shape, size, and with the features YOU want! Then mount it with foam tape or Velcro.

Easy to drill holes if you prefer screws or are replacing something ugly (like wire racks) mounted with screws.

Send us a sketch to get started....never a charge for a quote!  

-----------------------------------A Bit about RV Widget Works---------------------------------------

Started this biz after I retired after a career in automation and robotics with my backgrounds in electrical, mechanical, and software engineering.  

I decided 33 years of rebuilding a 1902 house was complete. Cleared out the 20x40 wood shop and refitted the shop for a new purpose- working with plastics, since I had experience with that.

Started out with a kitchen oven I bought on Craigslist for $100 and a used 6 gallon Sears Shop Vacuum, built a vacuum forming table (drilled over 400 1/16th inch holes in that platen) after viewing several You Tube videos and started making I-Phone holders because wifey kept losing her phone in a 17 ft Casita.

Started getting requests to make custom parts for other trailer owners and decided to start the biz. Built my own vacuum former (two, actually, as the first one really didn't suck enough), hot wire benders, a laminating press, several shapers and one of every kind of power saw ever invented.

Love the challenge of custom products and spending the time with each customer to understand what they really want compared to what they think they want. That's why I don't expect to be paid anything until the customer has their widget in their hands and actually LIKES what I built them. If I don't think what the customer wants makes sense, or isn't a good application, or can't be made reliable, I won't build it for you.

This is a retirement business - we take time off to go camping, visit grandkids, and travel outside the USA, often for scuba diving. That's a big part of why I don't accept payments up front  - otherwise I would need to guarantee a delivery date! 

Charlie Young

aka Tractors1 on the forums

email: tractors1@helvetia.us


Latest news          (4/9/2023)

Going to be slow on deliveries this summer as surgeries for cataracts and prostate scheduled. Sucks getting old!

Also changing over to PayPal for invoices. QuickBooks now wants $30 per month just to use their software. Nope.